Posted by: waldropcv | May 26, 2010

Chris Waldrop NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English)

Your name: Chris Waldrop

Your Content Area: Secondary English

Name of primary professional organization: NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English)

Web site address:

What journal(s) does the organization publish?: Voices from the Middle, Teaching English in the Two-Year College, Research in the Teaching of English, Language Arts, English Journal, English Education, College English, College Composition and Communication

Give a brief overview of the contents of the web site: They have books that they have published that help with the professional development of English teachers.  There is also a listing of advertised English teacher positions that are available so that unemployed English teachers can find employment.  There are grants and scholarships that are advertised for people planning on going into the field of teaching English.  These are just a few of the things the NCTE offers to its members.

What curriculum resources are available on the web site?: The most helpful and useful resource available for teachers on the NCTE are lesson plans that they offer for many different lessons.  I got a few ideas without even having to join the NCTE.

How much is membership in the organization?  Is there a student membership?: For normal members the cost to join the NCTE is $40 per year.  For students the cost is $20 per year.



  1. Have you looked at the English Journal that NCTE publishes? It is pretty awesome. Dr. Vogel in the English department typically has a few extras on his book shelf outside of his office. The articles and resources in this journal are pretty awesome. I would highly suggest looking at it!

    Carey Sink

  2. Wow. The membership dues for SkillsUSA (Welding, carpentry, auto mechanics, etc) is only $6. I didn’t realize other areas of education had higher membership dues. I think it is nice that your organization lists position openings. In today’s economy there are always people looking for jobs.

  3. This resource looks like it is very useful for english teachers and I am sure it is also helpful within other content areas.

    Joshua Settlemyre

  4. Wow – they publish a lot of journals. That is great for the price! Even better that you can get a few lessons without having to be a member. Looks like it is worth joining. Do they have conferences? Hannah

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