Posted by: waldropcv | May 26, 2010

English III Curriculum Summary and Reflection – Chris Waldrop

When I took English III (11th Grade English) in high school, it was what made me want to be an English teacher.  In that class I read the best and most interesting books I had ever read up to that point.  And I had one of the best teachers I have ever had for that class.  I hope that by understanding and following the NCSCOS for this class I can give a similar experience to my students.

The main focus for this grade level English class is American Literature (which happens to still be my favorite) and using print and non-print text I am to teach the students the following;

To relate the experiences of others to their own

To research the diversity of the American experience

To examine the relationships between past and present

To build increasing sophistication in defining issues and using argument effectively

To create products and presentations which maintain standard conventions of written and oral language.

This can be done using a wide variety of texts, also I would be able to use lyrics to songs which may interest some students who would not normally be as interested in reading books.

The idea of connecting literature read in a class to the students’ own lives is a theme that seems to be constant in nearly every level of a literature/language arts/english class.



  1. I love 11th grade English. I will be student teaching 11th grade English in the fall and agree with you that some of the best books and short stories fall under this catagory. What would you say is your favorite work that you read from 11th grade, and do you feel like the goals and objectives stated here were met within your class?

    I went to a private Christian school, and we did not read a lot of the books that most 11th grade students read. Also, I do not feel like the majority of these objectives were met within my school. This could be because we were a private school and did not have to go by these standards.

    Carey Sink

    • I think my favorite one I read was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. It does seem to meet most of these goals and objectives. I’m pretty sure that that is one book I would like to teach in my class.

  2. I want to be a high school English teacher as well! What books would you guys think about using in your classrooms? What about them stand out and meet the goals and objectives?

    Alyssa Matty

  3. “To examine the relationships between past and present”

    A lot of people have strong opinions about the past so I agree that this is really something that students should spend some time learning to understand. If you can make a solid connection between the past and the present then you are better of to protect your future. However there is a fine line between examining the relationships between the past and the present and dwelling in the past. I’ve heard it is good to teach that difference.
    -Samuel Kraus

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