Posted by: waldropcv | May 26, 2010

Examining Teachers’ Blogs

I didn’t have to look for a long time at the variuos teachers’ blogs that were linked on the CAROL website before I was amazed at how much technology has become a part of education.  Not just writing a paper on Microsoft Word, but this whole idea of blogging for schoolwork and school related discussions seems to have really taken off while I was looking the other way.  I thought blogs were just things that teenage girls made to say whether they were Team Edward or Team Jacob; apparently not.  There are blogs where second graders are writing poetry.  I am just now for the first time learning how to use a blog, but these second graders are already lightyears ahead of me.  I believe on many of these the students’ parents are expected to stay up to date with what the class is doing by browsing blogs like these.  I know my parents would never in their life be able to figure out how to use/find/browse a blog.  It just goes to show how far technology has come and how important it has become in all aspects of the lives of nearly everyone.



  1. Your statement about Team Edward and Team Jacob made me laugh out loud! I am also glad to know that blogs are used for a more productive reason!

  2. I often find myself amazed at the understanding of students younger than myself and their skill level on such things as Facebook and blogging. When I was in second grade I’m not even sure I knew what the internet was! It’s exciting to see how smart kids really are and what their capacity to learn truly is!

  3. Breaker breaker 19 — anyone out there got yer ears on. Or as Moe once said to Curly and Larry “Quite numbskulls, I’m broadcasting.” I’m wall to wall and treetop tall coming at you loud and strong. HOW YOU DOING GOOD BUDDY—-

    Anyone want to buy a used CB radio? Not making fun at you or anyone else, just having a ball. I’m an old dog(dude) learning new tricks. I’ve seen a few innovations come along. The key is not to get too serious about any one thing. Stay flexible and adaptable. I’m reinventing myself. Maybe there’s a market or field out there to teach literacy to otherwise knowledgeable adults, so they can keep up with the kids. Quite a few of my contemporaries are watching me closely to see if I succeed or fail.

    Education has no age!

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