Posted by: waldropcv | June 13, 2010

Instructional Strategies #1: Predicting the Outcome Review

Your Name: Chris Waldrop

Name of Strategy: Predicting the Outcome

Source: All America Reads

Link to the Strategy:

Give a thorough description of the strategy and how it will be implemented:

In “Predicting the Outcome” students will have read a chunk of a book and predict what will happen in the coming chapter(s).  This could be done in a couple of different ways.  The site recommends asking the students questions and having them answer these questions and base their predictions off of their answers to these questions.

I would go in a different direction and not give the students questions to answer so that their predictions will not be guided in the same way everyone else’s predictions would be.  It would be more telling of the students and their comprehension skills if their predictions were not guided by questions.  The students would write a short essay on their prediction and why they believe this will happen, as well as discussing their predictions with the class.

Explain what part of the standard course of study is addressed by this activity.

Competency Goal 1: The learner will demonstrate increasing insight and reflection to print and non-print text through personal expression.

Competency Goal 4: The learner will critically analyze text to gain meaning, develop thematic connections, and synthesize ideas.

Competency Goal 6: The learner will apply conventions of grammar and language usage.

Explain why you think this strategy will work. How does the strategy help your students learn?

The students will have to critically analyze the events leading up to the point in the novel which they are at, so as to make accurate predictions as to what will happen in the story.  The students will also be interested to finish the novel so as to see if their prediction was correct.


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