Posted by: waldropcv | June 19, 2010

Lesson Plan Summary

The lesson plan I found that is most intriguing to me as an instructor and hopefully as interesting to the students is called On a Musical Note (thanks Mr. Fulp).

In this lesson student’s are asked to read a book, and either while they are reading or after they read the book they are to create a soundtrack for the story and present their choices to the class.  There will also be classroom discussions about film’s use of music and sound and how those choices help or hinder a film.  It’s really as simple as that, but it is engaging enough for the students so that they will focus on what they are reading and come out with a better understanding of the story.  A helpful thing about this lesson plan is that it comes with many supplemental handouts that are helpful to the students to organize their thoughts on the text and the assignment of putting music to the text.  There are bookmarks students can use to mark significant passages:  And a graphic organizer for students to even further devlop their ideas:  I would use this lesson for any high school grade level English class.

For the discussion on film’s use of sound and music I would use selections from a number of films to show how music creates an atmosphere that pictures and words sometimes cannot.  I would use some music from the Star Wars films (obviously, best soundtrack of all time), Saturday Night Fever, Purple Rain (second best soundtrack of all time), 2001: A Space Odyssey, and others.  These show a good representation of music (both instrumental and vocal) that contribute to a film’s story.

I like everything about this lesson, however the students’ presentation is essential and is what I like most from this lesson.  It gives the students an opportunity to explain their choices and how they relate to the story.

There is not much that I would change about this lesson plan, as it is one of my favorite I have found while searching for different lesson plans.  One thing that I would think would make it more interesting for both the students and myself is instead of having all the students do their assignment on one book, it can be used as a end of class project where the students can select any book we have read in the class to use for this project.  This would allow for greater diversity in the students’ work.



  1. Creating a soundtrack is a great idea. I guess it falls into the multigenre category we’ve been reading about. I really like how you add this kind of creativity to your classroom. Hannah

  2. I like how simple this lesson is, yet it is engaging enough for the students to WANT to participate and be active learners. Great job!

  3. That sounds like a ton of fun, I want to try it with some of my favorite books and stories. I will definitely make an assignment like this available for students in my classroom. I like that students will have to evaluate both the songs and the book to determine if it is a good match.

    Justin Weltz

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