Posted by: waldropcv | June 19, 2010

RE 4620 Course Reflection

This course has been the most beneficial teaching class I have taken yet (I hope there are others in the future that I find as helpful).  It exposed me to many helpful resources.  I plan on using many of these resources as a teacher.  I hope to use many of the different instructional strategies and lessons that I found through this, many of which I had never thought of before.  I think my personal favorite site I used for this class was Read, Write, Think.  I thought that many of the lessons on that site could be used very effectively in my class.  Now that I have been exposed to all these different resources, there is no doubt that I will continue to serach for new ones.  I have found out that the search for an exciting and interesting lesson plan is fun, and hope to continue to find useful ones in the future.  I don’t plan on continuing this blog, however.  As much as I have enjoyed reading and responding to other people’s posts and having other people read and respond to my posts, I know that I (and hopefully others from this class) will continue to research different methods of teaching without having to keep up with this blog.  This was the first online class I have taken, and look forward to my next one.

Thank you Ms. Deal and all my classmates for making this such an interesting and fun class.

Chris Waldrop



  1. I agree with you about this being the most bentifical class I have taken yet and this is off topic but I love your background, I am a huge Star Wars fan and I know it sounds nerdy but when I get board I like building movie exact replica lightsabers in my fab shop.

  2. :o
    Wow, that is the most awesome thing ever. I wish I could build stuff like that.

  3. I agree with you about the benefit of this course. I think it really helped me to have it on-line and force me to learn how to blog and link. Hannah

  4. I think that I have learned a lot about this course too!
    I also really appreciated the comments that I got from our classmates on this blog.
    -Alyssa Matty

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